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Vesilind – the bridge between You and wonderful worlds.


Vesilind is an independent Estonian production company (established in 1996) producing documentary films and TV-programs. During its first five years the company received recognition as a producer of mountaineering films.
From 2001 Vesilind has promoted itself as a producer of wildlife and popular-scientific films and television programs. This strategy has enabled Vesilind to secure a niche in Estonia.
As a natural part of its development the company has widened its spectrum and entered to the field of creative documentary and drama.


The Member of the Board, Riho Västrik, has been a member of the European Documentary Network since 2003. Vesilind is a member of the Association of Estonian Film Producers, and Riho Västrik is a member of its board.


Vesilind Ltd

Reg. nr. 10040978

VAT EE100357844

Ida põik 3 Järveküla, 75304  Rae vald 


ph. +372-6009972




Vesilind OÜ Ida põik 3 Järveküla 75304 Rae vald Estonia tel 372-5078067